The Cavallaria is a performing arts company.
Since 2003 performs shows, films and performances from research, taking as its starting point the dance and theater to connect with other art forms such as performance, film, fashion, visual arts and martial arts.
The greater urgence is the exercise of communication with the public and freedom in the choice of scenic elements.
All scenic elements: text, dance, landscape, light, costume, music, etc.., are treated as dramaturgical elements and  the scenic choices  propose an experience that adds / builds stimulations.
Featuring Cavallaria by an esthetic marked by visual intensity.
All that can be seen or heard or touched on the stage and through the scene matters, in beyond the classifications. Without fear of overflow.
The works are born from the scenic themes and approaches proposed by the director Lu Brites and develop in collaboration with performers / creators who bring their personal and artistic experiences for each project.
Dancers, actors, circus acts, singers, yogis, poets, filmmakers, photographers, are some of the aspects of the current cavalleros (artists from the company).
Among the thematic content of the company's projects are: the poetics of water, the domestication of female wild strains of breastmilk through generations, the invention of gods and heroes, the movement in fashion, vegetarianism ...
The techniques used for the training are: Asthaga Yoga, Viewpoints, Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre and much love.
Since its formation the company has the support of the Cultural Association of Home Boilers. We are very grateful.